How do I build an RC airplane?

The first question everyone asks you when you fly an rc airplane is: Did you build it yourself?

Indeed, building something that can fly is fascinating and see it fly equaly exciting, so keep reading for some basic guidance on how to do it.

The wing

In prder to suistain flight the least you will need is a wing. For small models pretty much any surface large enough will provide some lift. Ideally you would want it to have a smooth cross-ecrion ehich is thicker in the front and thinner towards the back.

But how to build it? You want to get started with some kind of spar, commonly out of wood that can provide strenght for the wing. Onto this spar you would fit a couple of formers or ribs in the shape of an airfoil and cover this structure with a lightweight material. Our own tool allows you to do just that right from the browser, to design a wing from very simple to more complex, print it out, cut into wood or cardboard and assamble.


A wing can’t fly for too long on it’s own without something pushing it forward as it encounters air resistence. You’ll need a propulsion system.

Nowadays, brushless electric motors with a speed controller and a 3 cell (3S) battery is all you need. It’s cheap, easy and provide with great performance.

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