Usage Guide


Wing designer is a parametric design tool which allows you to design both outer appearance as well as the internal structure with ribs, spars & stringers.

The tool allows piecewise independent parameter specifications for:  Leading Edge, Trailing Edge, Dihedral, Washout. Airfoil, spar shape and type.

The tool can output planar rib and spar shapes with notches automatically cut for a perfect fit in either PDF, DWG (CAD format) or SVG or a solid format as STL. Planar shapes can be cut on 2D CNC and the STL file can be converted to G-Code to be fed to a 3D Printer.

Design Modes

The tool has been design for the traditional balsa wood building techniques but can also has 3D printing export capabilities.

Wing Shape
See below in each tab how to define each wing feature or parameter: 

The following type of spars can be added: Stringer, Spar, Leading Edge Spar, Trailing Edge Spar, Solid Cylinder / Square Spar. See below the options: